Vignette video Open Ear cardiff

Videos and photographs from the Open Ear in Cardiff event on the 13th of June are now online and can be seen on our website in running order (Emanations by Brian DeLevie & Isshaela Ingham (Projection), Matt Wright (Performance), Ampersand & Mitsuka (Performance), Energie! by Thorsten Fleisch & Jens Thiele (Projection), Malte Steiner (Performance), Garrett Lynch (Performance), Try Hard Johnny! by Valentina Besegher & Alessandro Massobrio (Projection), Richard Bowers, Ian Watson, Nic Finch & Jon Ruddick (Performance), Paul Adams (Performance), Archisonics: Vertigo by John Kannenberg (Projection), Drishti II by Jen-Kuang Chang (Projection), Rob Smith, Ben Challis & Ian Wiblin (Performance), Georg Boenn (Performance), Future Memories by Scott Kildall (Projection))

Many thanks to all the performers who gave fantastic performances on the night and many of whom travelled great distances to make this event a success as well as the artists who submitted some inspirational video works from all over the world. Also thanks to those who worked on the event including some students from CCI at the University of Glamorgan.

Videos: Chris Gardner & Dale James
Photography: Sally Smart
Lighting: Adam Williams
Vision mixing and graphic design (posters and flyers): Frédérique Santune

Les vidéos et photographies de l’événement Open Ear – Cardiff du 13/06/2008 sont désormais disponibles ici.

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