I would have preferred blue.
“Artfact: Green. I heard the strand screaming”



La mort de l’hauteur ou la rotations des égalités.


Un silex s’en va.


Je tented d’écrire un petition Peugeot en François, new Lutton plus centre le corrected automotive d’orthographe. #computanionalPoetry
Je m’habitue à centre mode de lender, de larges conflictuelles etc de grist illegal. Risen new vast plus grand grand chose.
Sure la gauche, la fret de Dartmouth, Droitwich deviant la route serpentant; au loin, un village humid.
Less maison colorless égayent doyenne meant le terrible passage.
Side seule mentioned le solely daignait point rear! Le very redeviendrait very
Maisemore non stop. À vice allure le vehicle servicing dirge vers la valley d’eau céant. ( out sin on l’ombre game)
I’ll pleat. Silence éloquent design gout test touted centre la fenugreek. Decided, je new gardenia qu’une trace tranquil#computationalpoetry

On my way to Plymouth, I tried to domesticate my English native speaker phone. Its system transformed my intentions into something new. Since then, I have lost the precise memory of what I was saying in French. Am I still interested in untreated data? Is it even possible to undo the process, to decipher back the code? Is it even tempting?


Test Processing.




Ty-why work in progress sept 2014

Ty is a short movie shoot and edited in September 2014 in Cardiff. The sound was recorded in October and November in Southampton.

Thanks to RM & GL for their feedback and support.

Cardiff lights.

From red to green to red to…

Read the conditions carefully.

At the very-almost-end of the land,
there was a striped house,
open to the pitching sky.
It was supposed to be bright
but instead
has been called light.

Hither thither step 0bis

I tried
to slowly pronounce
many times.
Then I tried to write it.
I was wrong.
Every times.
I’m used to struggle with words,
with sounds.
Now, I’m just
trying to play with them.

Watch the full project on the dedicated page.

capture d'écran 2012

Video finished at the end of August: have a look at here.

Mignonne, allons voir si la rose…

Début d’une collaboration audiovisuelle qui, à long terme, pourrait aboutir à une résidence artistique. Le thème exploré est le manque d’oxygène.


A new collaboration is beginning. In the long terme, it could drive to an artist residency. The main topic of this work in progess is “lack of fresh air”.

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