Expo.: Pierrette Bloch Paris 2017

La série qui justifie l’espace; la répétion?
La ligne l’anomalie, la normalisation.
L’accident, l’incidence à rebours?

N’entre dans aucune catégorie.
Art butterfly.

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Echo, the power of spoken words and the disap(p)earance of the interface – eternal draft

Echo is at the opposite of what I am supposed to study to: Alexa is not (yet) art (that is to say, involved in any artistic practice, as far as I know) and Echo makes the body disappear in favour of the invisible sound. No exertion, no ergodic emphasis. No embodiment of cognition, just verbalisazion: what am I going to study then?*

An interesting article: → https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/27/hey-alexa-are-things-going-to-get-weird/

The world thought it wanted smart watches but what it really wants is to be heard.

« Obeir au doigt et à l’oeil » (at [sb]’s beck and call) would be lost.

Once you can start talking to your phone more than you talk to humans we enter a world in which the ears and not the eyes become the sensory organ of choice.

Would they?

Voice interfaces are unobtrusive and seamless – you don’t need to know anything to talk to the Echo but the even the simplest phone requires some kind of literacy […]

The ‘intuitive interface’ holy Graal.

Well, Alexa can recognize our voice, once set up/train, I suppose, but what could prevent it/her from listening to us 24/7? Do you bath with your dog watching you?

* Don’t worry, I will find my way.

Another article: → https://medium.com/@anildash/amazon-echo-and-alexa-really-matter-dcc6d817ad6b#.wh35jpar8

Echo works because people like and trust Amazon.

Nop. Or rather yes, but they should not; for the same very reason that it is « mainstream consumer brand ». They were supposed to sell books!

Echo as a product doesn’t have a category name.

Someone in the marketing team has not done his job… which is good.

Echo’s role in enabling surveillance culture can’t be understated.

See the example given in the article.

Echo is meaningful because it’s also the first hugely popular smart device that’s connected to a place rather than a person.

Ref. given in the article: → http://x.naveen.com/post/82921168991/wearables-versus-thereables

[…] how reducing friction on a task doesn’t just make it faster, it changes its fundamental accessibility.


enough with the feminine names for digital assistants.


The colour scheme reminds me of the movie « Third kind encounter ».
I don’t bath in front of my dog.
Having read some interesting papers about Space and place, I am interested in the notion of there-able.
Training and accessibility; don’t know what to do with that for the moment. Brain fog.


Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 14.33.10

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Leonardo Flores, (2016), « I LOVE E-Poetry: Discovering Digital Media Poetry —TEDxUPRM »

The text is reading you as you are reading it. 10:20

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text.curtain (2005) byDaniel C. Howe

→ http://rednoise.org/~dhowe/textcurtain/

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In order to control (2012) by Nota Bene Visual

In Order to Control – Interactive Installation from NOTA BENE Visual on Vimeo.

Interactive Installation

A text discussing about the threshold on ethics and morality was looping on the floor, people who step on the typographic area to read it, realize them selves on the wall and the interaction process starts.

Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s fair is not always legal.

See also:
→ http://www.feeldesain.com/in-order-to-control-interactive-installation.html
→ http://notabenevisual.com/?p=443

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« Noisy Skeleton » (2014) by Théoriz

Noisy Skeleton from THÉORIZ on Vimeo.

To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual.
Noisy skeleton is an immersive and interactive installation that explores the link between sound, space and artificial intelligence.
From complete control to accidental reaction, the spectactor is completly surrounded by abstracts visuals and digital soundscape echoed back by the machine.
Establishing a real man/machine dialogue, the minimalistic aesthetic and vibrations create a both virtual and physical experience, permitting the user to feel the most subtle variation of sound and space.

NOTE : Please use proper speakers or headphones.

Pour un esprit artificiel, toute réalité est virtuelle.
Noisy skeleton est une installation immersive et interactive qui explore les relations entre mouvement, son, espace et intelligences artificielles.
Du contrôle absolu à l’accidentel, le spectateur immergé explore avec ses mouvements les paysages sonores et visuels abstraits que la machine lui restitue.
Etablissant alors un réel dialogue homme/machine, l'esthétique minimaliste faite de résonances et de vibrations permet de ressentir les plus infimes perturbations du son et de l'espace plongeant l’interprète dans une expérience à la fois physique et virtuelle.

NOTE : Veuillez utiliser des écouteurs ou des enceintes pour avoir un meilleur rendu sonore.


:: Théoriz Studio :: production & creative direction

Artistic Directors
:: David-Alexandre Chanel (Théoriz) ::
:: David Guerra (generative sound designer) ::

:: Théoriz Studio ::

Team :
David Guerra :: generative sound design and creative direction.
David-Alexandre Chanel :: code/visuals and creative direction.
Maxime Encrenaz :: code and feedbacks
Jonathan Richer :: Performer and production
Camille Mazauric :: Performer
Tom Duchêne :: Video shooting/editing

See also:
→ http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/fr/blog/skeleton?utm_source=tcpfb

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« The Eyewalker », (2011), Exomeno

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Phenomenology and digital/computational media

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« Lagoglyph Sound System », (2009), E. Kac

→ http://www.ekac.org/lago.anim.lowres.html

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« Mesa Musical Shadows » (2016) Daily tous les jours

Mesa Musical Shadows from Daily tous les jours on Vimeo.

The installation is made of custom fabricated tiles that are integrated into the Mesa Arts Center's pavement, and that react to the shadows of passersby by playing sounds of singing voices. Visitors to the site are welcomed by a moment of surprise and an invitation to engage with the piece, and through it, interact with other visitors and passersby.

Shadows cast on different tiles trigger different voices, all singing in harmony. Length of shadow is dependant on the season, the time of day and the weather; meaning a visitor may never quite cast the same shadow twice. The sounds themselves also change with the angle of the sun, making playing with the installation a dynamic experience: entirely different for a visitor encountering it in the morning, the midday, the evening, and at night.

Though all the audio originates with recordings of the human voice, a large variety of sounds and moods are created throughout the day. The sounds triggered in the morning are peaceful and ethereal: sustained choral tones that follow your long shadow, singing you into your day. Later, when the sun is hot overhead, and shadows are shorter; the sounds are chopped and frenetic, creating a rhythmic, energetic soundtrack. As the shadows become long again toward sunset, clusters of complementary, interlocking melodies are triggered. Finally, after dark, the sounds harken toward the natural landscape: Insect or bird-like vocal sounds evoking a nocturnal meadow are triggered by users navigating their way through the night.

More soon on Dailytouslesjours.com

Via etapes.com

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« Psychic » (2004) Antoine Schmitt

Psychic from schmittmachine on Vimeo.

Interactive Installation

Antoine Schmitt 2004

camera, computer, custom program, videoprojector, red lamp, amplifier, speakers

Creation : Exhibition Invisibile, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena (IT) – October 9th 2004 – January 9th 2005 – Curator : Emmanuele Quinz

Psychic sees the spectators and describes what she sees using phrases projected on the wall. And she sees maybe a little more/differently than what we see : she perceives the internal states and motivations of the spectators. The text is printed letter by letter like by a typewriter which we can also hear (kudo to P.Bismuth)

More informations :

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« Mimeo Revolution »


60’s, 70’s
Related to Beat Poets, Black Mountain Poets, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E


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« Digit » (2006) Julien Maire

Via @zachlieberman on Twitter

See also: → http://julienmaire.blogspot.co.uk/

« Digit » 2006 / live performance
« Digit » is a live performance that is also conceived to be presented as a piece of living Art. A writer sits at a table writing a text. Simply by sliding his finger over a blank piece of paper, printed text appears under his finger. The spectators can come very close to the ‘writer’ and read the text following the movement of the finger. The writer remains absorbed in his task.
The performance is simple but quite disturbing. Nothing appears to come between the thought and the printed words. It seems that there is a shortcut somewhere: there is no visible hardware, no computer, no display, no noise, no projection. The spectator is free to follow a text written and drawn in a natural movement.
« Digit » is located between a cinematographic process and the process of writing. The “magic” of the apparition of a moving image is transcribed into a different cinematic setup. « Digit » enlarges the concept of projection and the concept of a project that operates in interstices between literature and moving image as well as referring to the surrealistic tradition of cutting and rearranging text : « Digit » is a kind of “Soft machine” *.
In opposition to other types of writing where machine interferes, the human movement is free and can print in any direction. The performance interfaces the human process between the thought and printed word.

*ref. William S. Burroughs

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« Secondary Currents » (1982) Peter Rose

Secondary Currents (excerpt) from peter rose on Vimeo.

A film about the relationships between the mind and language delivered by an improbable narrator who speaks an extended assortment of nonsense, An "imageless" film in which the shifting relationships between voice-over commentary and subtitled narration constitute a peculiar duet for voice, thought, speech, and sound.

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« Dakota » (2001) Heavy Industries Young Hae Chang

See also:
→ http://www.yhchang.com/
→ http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=427

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