Letter(s)… Intro


Saturne-feerique is my website,
where you can find different aspects of my art and design work.
Grimoire is my research blog,
sometimes in French, sometimes in English…

Letter(s)… is the short name for Letter(s) to a Younger Selfan interactive installation presented as a workshop that I created for my PhD research in Art & Design at the University of Wolverhampton. The reasons behind the project will be discussed with participants after the installation experience.

To familiarise yourself with the process of the workshop, please read the brief, sign the consent form and complete the questionnaire (also available on the right sidebar).

For details of my previous work, please refer to:
• my experimental art portfolio available at: www.saturne-feerique.net/LABO;
• my graphic design work available at: www.saturne-feerique.net/portfolio.

Finally, if you have any questions prior to or after the workshop, you can find my contact details on the dedicated page (also located on the right sidebar).

Thank you.

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